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It's being reported all over the news. The news media, in their never-ending quest to get better ratings than their competitors are all over this one. They are, as usual, also emoting all over the place about how terrible this is. (and it is, indeed a terrible event when someone murders another person. ) Actual hard data is, as usual, nearly absent. Lots of random speculation that will filter back to the police in the form of spurious leads that will consume vast resources of the police investigators for no result.

But, in this case, I am sure that those vast resources will be there to chase down all of those leads. No stone will remain unturned, and they will be turning over the stones underneath the stones in this investigation. The police, both collectively and individually, take the murder of one of their own very, very personally. There will be in Tacoma tomorrow morning so many investigators that you will not be able to walk down the street without tripping over one.

But I'm going to make a rather cynical prediction. One that I wish would not come true. The usual spokesweasels from the VPC, HCI, Brady bunch, and the million mommies, will all be out tomorrow morning, dancing in the metaphorical blood of those murdered police officers. Promoting their purpose of removing all firearms from the hands of ordinary, law-abiding citizens. Because obviously those evil black guns emit evil black mind control rays that turn regular folks into cold blooded murderers.

I also predict that the pack of slavering hounds in the media will be beseiging the homes of the murdered police officers, and their relatives to get that award winning video of the tearful wife/husband/parent/child breaking down on camera in response to the insensitive harrassment of the talking heads on TV. Another prediction I hope doesn't come true.

When the police do eventually catch up with the animals that killed those police officers, I'm sure that there will be all sorts of idiots who will be blaming society or child abuse or some such sob story to remove any personal responsibility from the person or persons who committed this crime. And will argue to the ends of the earth to keep them from their appointment with a fair trial and then the execution chamber.

Color me appalled by the whole thing, and how I expect it to go. Please news media, prove me wrong. But I'm not holding my breath.


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