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So it snowed today. State of emergency, essential travel only, keep warm, don't darwin yourself with your generator, don't own a beachfront house, blah, blah, blah...

When I opened my front door, the drift there was about four and a half feet high. Plus the six inches to step down to the porch deck level. Snowdrifts in back were higher, especially where the snow had avalanched down from the roof of the house and barn. My car was entirely buried in snow, my dad's minivan there was only a few strips of red visible.

Fortunately, our snowblower was repaired monday and I picked it up on the way home from work. Thank ghod! Power has remained on, so it was a morning of watching TV and marveling at the growing piles of snow outside. So having a generator ready to go has worked again!

My brother is visiting from seattle to help mom with some renovations around the house. So he and I spent a couple of hours shoveling snow and running the snowblower until it got dark. I'm not entirely sure I did a very good job of it, as my glasses were fogged up or covered with a layer of partially melting snow pretty much the entire time I was outside. But the driveway is clear enough that we can drive the cars out at need, the front walk has a path cleared, and the path to the oil fill cap is mostly cleared. Shoveled off the front porch and then it was getting dark, so we called it a day. It was, unfortunately, still snowing at that time.

Just got a message from work, we are closed wednesday also. So another day off without pay.

But! My dad just called from the hospital, wondering why nobody visited today! Woot! That means he is getting better! Hurrah!

So, tomorrow, sleep late, more snowblowing and shoveling. Take mom to hospital to visit dad. Probably head into NESFA in the evening.


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