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So, this belated post, now that we have internet service working and I actually have a bit of free time, celebrating moving back into our home. 556 days after the fire. It should have been only six months, but the champion grade foot dragging and slow walking by the insurance company. We moved back home October the first.

Mom and I are back in real beds. We have a few chairs, one table in the kitchen, but we are mostly still living out of boxes. Need to get the rest of the furniture cleaned and in the house, or tossed into the junkpile. Unbox everything and put things away into closets and drawers.

I'm still busy with taking care of mom and working. Mom needs help with getting dressed and undressed now, and getting meals. With her arthritis, picking up anything heavier than a plate or glass is very difficult, so she really can't cook her own food anymore. We have aides coming several days per week to help her. A bath aide who can bathe her and make her bed twice a week, and two other days a week an aide who comes for an hour or so, and I'm not sure what duties she can do. (the rules for these aides on what they can and cannot do are byzantine.)

Friday, work is having me drive to NJ. So got brother to come over that morning to get her up and dressed. Next weekend, I'll be in CT for Furpocalypse, and we are hiring extra aides to come in to get her up in the mornings and put her to bed at nights, and feed her meals.
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I'm back from festivating in Bangor, and it's been an eventful couple of weeks.

First in family health news, Stephanie, my niece in Seattle had a much more serious case of the cancer than initially thought. So Wesley couldn't come east to take care of mom while I was in Bangor. Meals and wheels was able to add a supper to her delivery schedule, so that handled her meals weekdays, and my oldest brother was able to take care of her meals on weekends, do her laundry, and so on while I was gone.

Stephanie had her surgery yesterday. The doctor told her that her chances of survival were 50/50. So, fourteen or so hours of surgery later, she spent the night in the intensive care ward, and moved to a stepdawn unit this evening. The cancer had destroyed nearly all of her inner ear, so she will be totally deaf on that side, don't know about the other side. I'm praying and sending good thoughts her way. She is on some major pain medications still, and lab results are not back, so things are still full of question marks. I expect there will be chemo in her near future, which is another huge insult to her body. All I can do is support them via telephone.

In house news, the construction loan came through just before I left for maine, so paid the contractor up to date. He got the subs back on schedule and is working the punch list. replacement refrigerator was delivered today, so we now have all appliances in the house. Need to assemble fridge and install icemaker, and hook up water to it. Three day weekend coming up, I hope to be washing furniture and putting it back into the house, weather permitting.

The festival had some bumps this year. We had to rearrange the site due to construction, and cut some things due to lack of budget. Predictably, bunch of folks were unhappy with this. They will be even less happy with the changes we will have to work around for the next couple of years due to sewerage tank construction on the festival site.

We also had some vandalism during setup. Several tents had large slashes in them, and one of the power distros got tossed into the river. The police evidence tech was able to get fingerprints from the distro once we fished it back out of the river. So had to give the police my fingerprints to eliminate them from the mix. The water was salty brackish, so when we get the thing back from police evidence in a year or so, I expect that it will be less expensive to buy a new one than try to repair it.

I continue to be very pleased with the lowering cost and increasing brightness of led rope lights and strip lights. They are lower power consumption, are now about equivalent lumens as the same length of incandescent festoon lights, more durable, pack into smaller storage space, and are easier to install and remove from tents. Win all around. Next year, gonna buy more and take a pass through the existing inventory of festoon lights to recycle the more broken ones. I figure in four or five years, all the festoon lights and quartz floodlights will be gone.
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Just heard on the news that another US Pacific Fleet ship has suffered a collision at sea with an oil tanker. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!?!?!!? You had one just a couple months ago. Where was the bridge crew and CIC crew? Their first job is to keep track of every other ship, submarine and aircraft in the vicinity!

I wonder if this is a result of the ongoing reduction in ship crew sizes. If there are fewer crew to stand the watches, problems with information overload, and exhaustion should now be front and fscking center on the investigation, and not at all limited to just this one single ship. But I fear that it will be confined to just the ship and crew. To avoid bringing into question the wisdom and selfpercieved infallibility of high ranking admirals and their ongoing policy of reducing ship crew sizes.
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So, still waiting for the bank to schedule closing on the construction loan. Now, I think the delay is that everyone is popping off on their summer vacations. Once the loan is closed, we get the first installment of money four banking business days later. (m-f, plus saturday) Once we have the money, pay the contractor all the back bills we owe them, then take whatever is remaining and hire a gutter company to come put gutters on the front of the house. The contractor thinks this lack of gutters explains why there is water seeping into the basement after heavy rainstorms. I'm also putting a dehumidifier into the basement as I had intended all along. I hope the plumber left the drain available in the furnace room for the dehumidifier as I asked. I also noticed that there isn't a water line up to the fridge for the ice maker. Need to check on that.

Painting in the house seems to be completed. Don't know for sure, as the flooring folks have come in and put in the wood flooring on the first floor and were partway through sanding. They probably sanded the upstairs, as when I visited, the upstairs floors were all covered with wet urethane finish. I also noticed that some of the finish electrical work has been completed. Outlets and switches mostly, and a few light fixtures.

Wesley, my brother in seattle, is planning on flying out here to take care of mom while I'm in Bangor for the festival. But that is getting iffy, as his daughter has been diagnosed with a cancer in her inner ear that is growing into the brain. This explains many of her issues the last couple of years. They have a neurosurgeon and an EENT specialist cooperating on planning for the surgery to remove it. They need an MRI of her head and neck to confirm the lab test saying it is a benign tumor, and to plan the surgery. Obviously, being there for his daughters surgery takes priority.

Festival plans are moving forward. Just had a doozy dropped on us. We normally get a couple of those construction office trailers to use at the festival. But the vendor told us that they didn't have any available. Whoaaa. So now we are scrambling around trying to figure out alternatives. and we need them to be onsite in two weeks for first day of setup. Money, as usual, is in short supply.

In more happy news, got the slushie machine fixed. Yay. Tried to use it to make soft serve ice cream as the manual promised it could. Tried twice. Failed both times. Nope, gonna be just a slushie machine. Okay. So, I had an idea for slushies. Instead of having to choose one flavor and being stuck with it for the day... What if I just made up a sugar solution and slushed that down, then just poured the flavoring juice into the cup and stirred the slush into it. So I tried that this week. For lemon and lime juice, this worked great. When I tried it with the fruit puree, it was too sweet. So, gonna try another batch of sugarslush, and do it as a five percent sugar solution. The manual warns that there needs to be at least eight percent sugar for the slush to form properly, so need to test that out. Just did the math, one pound of sugar to 16 pounds (2 gallons)of water will give me 5.8% solution, so that's what I will try. If it works, then I can offer any flavor I can get a fruit puree, and that is sold in the supermarket as pie filling or ice cream topping.
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Another july, another birthday. I didn't even realize it was my birthday until I was filling in the date on a purchase request at work. So I took off from work a couple hours early, bought a carrot cake and had some of it with mom after supper. Then to keep me from eating the rest of the cake, I went and gave the remainder to the hotel staff.

Monday I took mom to the dermatologist for MOHS surgery for the skin cancer on her nose. This is where they take a chunk under local anesthetic, send it off to lab to see if there is cancer there. if yes, take a slightly deeper chunk and repeat until the sample removed is cancer free. Each cycle takes about an hour. So that was finished around 2pm. Stopped at MickyDs for a late lunch and late into work that day. Burning more paid time off.

Still waiting for the bank to come through with the actual loan. arrrgh. lawyers make everythi8ng more complicated. Bank lawyer sent us a confusing contract that assigns control of the construction contract to the bank if we are late with loan payments. But the 90 days in arrears is more than enough time for the construction company to finish the job, mooting the entire contract. So the contract is essentially meaningless, but it caused us another couple weeks delay while we found our own lawyer to translate contractese into plain english.

The contractor contimues to use our job as a fill in job with subcontractors, so progress continues as our debt mounts up. Kitchen cabinets and countertop complete. Plumbing is all complete. We have working sinks and toilets! Painting of interior is happening now. After that, floors installed, sanded and finished. Then finish up electrical work, install appliances, punch list and occupancy permit. Then move back in. Hopefully around beginning of september.

August I'll be working the folk festival in Bangor maine. My brother will be coming in from seattle to take care of mom while I'm in Maine. He's bringing one or two of his daughters so they can have a chance to meet their grandmom. Hoping that he can wash up some of the smoke stained furniture we saved and put it into the house while he is here.

Life goes on.
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So, now its june 20th. We are still in the hotel. Work on the house has stopped as we have run out of money, and getting a construction loan to finish the house is taking way way way longer than I ever imagined. So the back to the house at the beginning of july plan is out the window. IF we got the loan check tomorrow, it would be early August before we got back in. Since once the job got stopped, it takes a couple weeks to get all the subcontractors back in to finish things up. ANd they are not gonna call subcontractors until we hand them a fat check full of money. Arrrgh.

My brother out in seattle will come and take care of mom when I'm up in Bangor in august to work on the folk festival. My sister, who did that last year for me, is depressed and out of work, so isn't answering her phone or returning messages. That adds stress to everyone in the family.

Commentary on current events. The two branches of the Demopublican party continue to spew hatred and evil at each other. The more loony of their followers are getting steadily more violent. The parallels to politics of germany in the 20s and 30s are frightening to contemplate. Time to prepare. Prepare for what is the question.

A couple of days ago, there was a collision at sea between a large container ship and the USS fitzgerald. 0230 in the morning. Most of the crew would have been asleep in their racks. Yes, it was the middle of the night, and it was in one of the more crowded parts of the ocean. Apparently the bridge watch and the CIC watch were so oblivious to the surrounding traffic that they didn't even sound an alarm before the collision. Seven sailors dead, many more injured. The Fitzgerald took a large impact from the bow dome of the container ship below the waterline. The compartment that took the hit was a berthing compartment and the adjacent machinery compartment. Those probably took no more than a minute to flood, and all of the dead were sailors who didn't make it out before it flooded.

Obviously there were fuckups. And like all really bad events, there will be multiple failures that any one of them had not failed, would have changed it from the tragedy it is to a whoopsie that only the crew onboard would have talked about. Collision at sea used to be a common thing, and over the years, a set of international rules of sea traffic have been codified. Handwaving lots of details, the bigger, less manuverable ship has the right of way, and it is supposed to just keep going on course to reduce confusion. The smaller, more manuverable ship is responsible for changing course and speed thus evading the collision. That would be the Fitzgerald.

Its dark out, but all ships are required to have navigation lights burning when it's dark out. Furthermore, many commercial ships have extensive exterior lighting in addition to the required navigation lights. Mainly so any crew out on deck after dark don't trip, but secondarily to make the ship more visible to other ships. Navy warships typically have no external lights other than required navigational lights burning. Further, recent construction USN ships have a lot of design features to make then less visible to a radar beam. So I can easily believe the container ship bridge crew never noticed them until they hit them. And where the heck was the CIC watch? They are also supposed to watch the radars to track all contacts larger than a seagull within weapons range.

The fleet commander has ordered whats called a JAGMAN inquiry. It's a formal investigation, but it has no judicial powers. It's essentially a one person inquiry, to try and find out what happened and identify problems that may exist fleetwide. But it is also easily corrupted if the investigating officer is not scrupulously honest. I hope it doesn't produce a coverup.

Edited to correct the ships name. I brain-farted on the name.
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So, on Sunday evening, in the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, the last ever performance of The Greatest Show on Earth, The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus happened. I watched in on youtube, slightly delayed, since when the show actually started, I was loading a truck behind the Schubert Theater in Boston. I turned it on after I got back to the hotel and watched it.

The show was, as I expected, a tour de force of amazing acts of physical skills, acting, music, storytelling, and animal training. With more than honorable mention to the props, costume, lighting and sound crews. Truly it was the greatest show on earth.

There were no elephants. The extremist animal rights people had already driven them out of the show, and they were going after all the other trained animal acts in the circus, and all the other circuses. Totally ignoring, in their fanatic quest to remove all animals from human endeavors, that those animals are treated better in nearly every respect than the human performers. Live longer and better quality lives than they ever would in the wild.

It was carefully not mentioned that it was the fanatic animal rightists that drove the circus into bankruptcy. Their endless lawsuits that cost enormous quantities of money. Their assorted protests and acts of trespass, theft and vandalism forced the circus to expend even more money on security to protect the people, animals and equipment of the circus. They took a page from the antinukers, who couldn't win on the merits of their argument, but they did win by making the whole industry uneconomically viable through their endless harassment. The animal rights fanatics are doing the exact same thing to circuses and zoos, and are taking aim at the entire institution of livestock growing and family pet ownership.

I am sad that they murdered an american icon. This makes me even more reluctant to give them anything more, no matter how reasonable it sounds. They will not be content until there are no more animals under the control of the human race, and all the humans have turned vegetarian. They can burn in hell for all eternity for the damage they have already done, I will work hard to block anything more they want.
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So, I realized that I have recently completed six months of using the CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. Some suggested that I would be full of energy and bouncing up after using it. Not so much that. Getting used to wearing the mask while sleeping took a long time. The first couple of weeks were obnoxious, everytime I rolled over it would wake me up.

Fortunately sleeping dale can still learn, and I've learned to sleep through the night with the thing strapped to my face. A couple weeks ago, I started waking up before my alarm clock went off. Don't know that this is a permanant change, but I am much more awake in the mornings, and don't desperately need a dose of caffiene to get myself functional in the mornings. I still have my cup of tea each morning, but it is more of a habit than a craving lately.

This is a good trend. Also, fell off the diet wagon and my A1c shot back up, and my weight loss stopped over the winter. Climbed back on the diet wagon and got the A1c back under control and back close to the acceptable but still high range. I think I've started losing weight again, and my belt may be needing another hole punched in it soon.

House repair proceeds. Damage all removed, framing is complete, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC rough work completed and passed inspection. Insulation this week, waiting for two more windows to be installed that were ordered wrong and had to be redone. Construction loan still pending, and the mortgage banker isn't returning phone calls. Hopefully she is just on vacation or something.
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I've setup my dreamwidth account, and imported all my entries from LJ. Will crosspost for a while, then will be deleting my LJ account. The recent terrible TOS is just soo obnoxious.

Goodbye LiveJournal. I've enjoyed my time, but since you got taken over by some terrible russian people, not worth my time or effort.
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I got the phone call at work that our home was on fire. It's been a busy year, full of frustration and bad stuff. But repairs are underway, just have to find all the money needed, since the insurance company is a bunch of evil cheapskates.
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House is now empty of all our stuff. Removal of the plaster and old furnace in the basement is complete. Still trying to get the power turned on to the new power panel, but eversource is being a butthead about it. Did find out that my generator uses up a 20 pound tank of propane in about eight hours of running the lights and radio. So I now know how many tanks of propane I want to have on hand down the road for power failures.

I should get some pictures of the various stages of rehab.
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So we finally got going on the house last week. Contractor got in, started setting things up. Getting water and electricity turned back on so they don't need the generator for everything. He said that they usually try to get the old furnace going to get heat and hot water back in the house, and have at least one sink and toilet operational. Anyone who has had to use a portapotti in the wintertime knows exactly why this is a priority. Also having a working sink just to wash your hands during the day is a very useful thing.

This morning, my oldest brother and I were there with the contractors. Packed up the last bits of the china, moved a lot of the furniture we are saving from the first floor out into the barn for storage. WOrked out the details of who from the family will be there when for identifying save or junk items. I'll be there tomorrow morning for a couple hours for the next layer of identifications. Probably one of us will be there every other day for the next couple weeks, until everything is emptied out of the house.

Eleven months after the fire, finally substantial progress. Hate you too insurance companies.
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So, it's been a busy time since I last posted.
Dealing with dad's passing, the funeral, memorial service, and the endless paperwork mom and I are filling out to officially notify all the financial entities he was involved in. I haven't even begun to think about doing his taxes.

We had the funeral just for family. It was a cold and windy day, I was worried mom would get hypothermia when we were at the graveside portion. The memorial service was at church, unfortunately we got that day the first significant snowstorm of the season that day, and it was kinda blizzardy. So attendance was low. Mom is, unsurprisingly, depressed.

Then came Arisia. I attended, and it probably will be my last arisia. The main reason I was there at all was to see Ursula Vernon as GoH, who is one of my favorite people. Arisia is becoming increasingly intolerant in it's desire to be open and accepting and a Safe Place for everyone, no matter how many hot buttons they have. As an older white male, I am feeling less and less welcome in their ever-increasing drive for political correctness.

In sadder news, I bought my usual stack of books from Larry Smith in the dealers room. We chatted about this and that and I said I would see him at Boskone. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. Larry died three days later. Goodbye Larry. I'll see you next time.

The weekend after arisia was Anthro New England. It was it's usual nice fuzzy three ring circus, hampered by outgrowing it's hotel, and the hotel's severe shortage of parking. I hope that they move to a better hotel. Ideally, the westin waterfront where Arisia and Boskone already are. If that happens, and the hotel is amenable, logistics for all three would be eased by allowing materials to be stored at the hotel for all three cons. Lots of maybes there, but it's a hope.

Monday after arisia, we had a grand open house at ALPS. Turned the warehouse into a vendor showcase and demo zone, with food and adult beverages. It was a lot of work, and my area got crammed full of everyone elses stuff, since my area was the only place that was not open for visitors. I'm still finding things that belong to other parts of the company. I finally unpacked the last gaylord of my stuff from the move. (A gaylord is one of those pallet sized cardboard boxes. eight layer corrugated board. Strong stuff) So big step completed with that.

Now that I can actually see everything I have, I can now sort out things and put them on their proper shelves and boxes. Since I lost some of the storage space promised to me, I have to figure out what I don't need very often and pack them into a storage bin to go up on a high warehouse shelf. I'm thinking of constructing a storage unit that folds up into a pallet shaped box for storage, but unfolds into a set of shelves and bins for access when needed.

We signed the repair contract on the house finally. It's only been ten months since the fire. Unfortunately mother nature beat us to the punch and they can't fill in the driveway washout while the gravel is frozen and the gullies are filled with snow and ice. Delays, delays, delays. Repair estimate is six to nine months. ugh. But it's progress.

Boskone is this weekend. I'm running the con suite again. I've been shopping and preparing for a couple weeks already. Last night I hard boiled 75 dozen eggs for the con suite. They are now in the back of my van enjoying mother nature's refrigerated storage locker.

today I was able to finish the cleaning and repair of my seltzer tap setup. It's full of chlorinated water now to sanitize it before I put it into service. So it will be at Boskone, providing infinite seltzer to the masses. After it is done at Boskone, bringing it into work so I can have infinite seltzer to drink, which is way lower in calories and price than what I get from the coke machine.

Edit, post-boskone: The seltzer setup still had an off taste of the smoke from the fire, so I dumped it back out and took it out of service. So now I think I need to replace all the plastic parts, and give the stainless steel parts another, more thorough, scrubbing. Replacing all the gaskets also.

Boskone was, as usual exhausting, but overall successful, and the con suite came off well. Attendance was up by a couple hundred, leading to more rapid depletion of supplies, but I haven't heard an official number.
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My dad is very sick in the nursing home. He's been unconscious for a week or so now, stopped eating solid foods about the same time, and stopped even taking liquids early this week. While nobody is saying any kind of timetable, I don't think he has more than a few more days left. I'll probably be pretty distracted by this for a while.

As for the house, we finally got the estimate from the third builder. Hoping to make a decision tomorrow on which one and then go forward from there. Insurance company continues to be a dick, threatening to cut off our ALE money since we haven't started repair work yet.

Christmas was pretty low key, just dinner at my brother's house. 2016 has been a really sucky year, I'm glad it's almost over. And now I have a cold and can't sleep with the amazing runny nose it's giving me.

SO about two hours after I posted this, the nursing home called to let us know that he had passed. Goodbye Dad.
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Now that you have had a nice temper tantrum over your preferred presidential candidate losing the election, please stop now. Blow your nose, wash your face, pull up your big boy or big girl pants and come on back from planet denial. Its a democracy. That means that sometimes someone else's candidate wins. Its not the end of the world. You mocked the black helicopter conspiricy people. Well guess what, the lbgtq death squads and concentration camps some of you are going on about is just as rediculous.

Time to grow up, get a grip on reality, accept that sometimes you will lose and get on with your life. You will have another chance to run your candidate next time around. Its not the end of the world, its just another damned election.
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Finally got the money from insurance so we can start cleanup and repairs on house. Meeting with a couple of contractors on tuesday so they can make some estimates. All three are saying its a eight to twelve week job even in wintertime, so if we can get one going in a couple weeks, that means repairs done in february or march. * crossing fingers *

I just hope family bullshit drama doesn't needlessly complicate and delay things. But it probably will.
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SO my dad's health continues to deteriorate. He doesn't speak understandably anymore, and can hardly even sit up. He's largely stopped eating. So, it's time. Mom signed the DNR orders for him, and then we all had a good cry. Even though it's just paperwork, and we have been expecting it, the impact was huge. I still haven't really processed it.

Then election day. Work told me I was driving to NJ tuesday. I was told the truck was ready with a full fuel tank. Set the alarm for 230 in the morning, which was the first suck of the day. Went to work and found that my heavy coat wasn't in my car, so all I had to protect me from the frost was a windbreaker and hoodie. Which wasn't a problem once the heat started working.

Whoops, only half a tank of fuel. So drive to Ryder to fuel up. Except the fuel guy wasn't there that night. Poked the mechanics and they came out and fueled me up, and wasted more time trying to record it on the computer. So another hour wasted. But, on the road finally.

Meanwhile, my stomach and bowels were starting to let me know that they were unhappy with something I ate. I stopped at every rest stop on the mass pike to use the bathroom. After that, there was nothing more, even though I felt like I had to go for the next several hours. More time lost.

I hit the morning drive traffic in New Haven, and then the serious traffic jam started on I95, 20 miles before the NY border. It didn't help that my GPS kept suggesting alternate routes that I couldn't take a truck through. Frustrating. Had a couple miles of clear sailing once I got on the thruway, but hit the traffic jam again around CO-OP City. Then it was stop and go traffic from there all the way to the George Washington bridge. Three hours on the cross bronx expressway is a pretty close approximation of hell.

Finally got to 4WALL about ten minutes before their lunchtime. Got the stuff. Went to the ryder depot to fuel up, then stopped at the local Quick Chek for a bathroom stop and to rest up for the drive back. I'm in the bathroom and suddenly my unhappy stomach finally said enough is enough. Vomited and made a bit of a mess of the bathroom, even though most of it went into the toilet. So change of plans, lunch consisted of a couple of bottles of water. Sat there for a bit, just in case, then headed back.

The drive back through NYC was surprisingly easy. Only stopped a couple of times for traffic jams. Got to the first rest stop in Connecticut and stopped there. Was feeling better, but tired. Ate about half a fish sammich from McDs before tummy said to stop. Took a 20 minute nap sitting in one of the booths. Didn't really sleep, but just sitting there with my eyes closed and relaxing helped enormously. Got a coke for the caffeine on the way back out. Hit a few traffic jams on the way back, but mostly just drove along.

So, start work at 330AM, got back to the shop at 630PM. Fifteen hour work day. Ugh. I drove myself back to hotel and crawled into bed. I decided that I was not safe to drive home to vote and then back.

Woke up this morning to hear President Elect Trump on the radio. So, I am glad that Hillary lost. I'm not happy that Trump won. I hope that my prediction that Trump will get bored with the job and resign after a year or two holds true. But on the other hand, Italy survived Berlesconi I'm sure the USA will survive Trump.
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Insurance company has found another way to delay giving us the claim money. *sighs* They made the check out to four parties. Mom and Dad, our independent adjuster, and the bank that has the home equity loan on the house.

We think this is annoying, but should not be a big deal. Go to the bank where the home equity loan is at with a check endorsed by the other three names. Bank deposits it, takes out the full payoff amount on the home equity loan, then writes new checks to the adjuster and my parents with the balance.

Nope. Santander Bank apparently has never seen a multi-party check before. It takes them two weeks to find an actual bank officer who can make decisions on this to figure it out. Unlike the so called bank officers which the law requires to be at the branches who are supposed to have the authority to make all banking decisions at that branch. And they insist that the check be deposited in their bank for ten business days so they can get the float///// I mean ensure that the check will not bounce, before writing the new checks.

Meanwhile, our adjuster has been talking to insurance company about the check. Once he finally found the correct person to talk to there, they had no problems taking back the check and reissuing it as three checks in the correct amounts. So that's what we are doing. If you are looking for a bank for your business, Santander Bank fails in my book.

But, this is the large sum of money on the structure claim. So we can now finally go forward on the rebuild. Time to find a general contractor who can do the job. Hopefully an honest one. Of course, this is happening as my job is moving to a new location and a week before a convention.
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So it seems Hillary's defense of rapists by discrediting the rape victim was something she had been doing for decades. It's sad that this is being published in a british paper, I guess the american news apparatchiks don't want to break ranks in their support of Hillary.



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