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Virgin delivery truck that is. What were you thinking I was talking about? *laughs*

Busy busy weekend at work. Friday we went to Ryder and rented five additional trucks for the deliveries and pickups we are doing this weekend. The one I ended up using was a brand new reefer truck. I was the first customer this truck was driven by. The rental paperwork showed 000001 miles on the odometer reading. (It was actually 470 miles, but details... )

It was the first time I'd ever driven a truck that didn't rattle and squeak and have an assortment of broken parts. The radio worked great, there were no marks or dents anywhere, it even had that new truck smell. Of course, it is a truck, and a part fell off while I was driving it last night. It wasn't a very important part, but my faith in murphy was restored. But it was a pleasure to drive, even though I had to do my delivery in Boston traffic last night.

Murphy being murphy, the event ran late, and the place I was supposed to part the truck for loading was clogged with three tour buses full of what looked like high school promgoers. it was 1030 at night, so I figured that this was for the after-prom party that seems to have become a common appendage to the prom nowadays. They were all milling about getting into the way, until I guess the doors opened and they all vanished inside. I had to move my truck because one of the busses wouldn't shift into reverse to make the turnaround. Good maintenance program you have there Crystal transport.

Funny thing. Reefer trucks have a rough metal floor for traction. We loaded in the first road case full of cable, and since the thing was on a slight downgrade, and there were just two of us, we sent up the case and pushed it off the lift gate into the truck. Expecting the case to roll downhill into the nose and bang into thbe front. But, the case just rolled sllloooowwly into the nose, the roughness of the floor providing the exact right amount of friction to balance the force of gravity to let it keep creeping down into the nose. We both burst out laughing as we watched this unusual behavior. I pulled out my cell phone to video the next case, but it was heavier and rolled much more normally.

Finally got home after 1am, watched some TV and caught up on my internet while the caffiene was wearing off and then got a good night's sleep. My lazy saturday beckons.


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