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One last zing from 2010 before it runs out. My car got smashed by a drunk driver while it was parked down at the supermarket today. My parents were using it to get some groceries and saw all the police out there when they got out of the checkout line.

Apparently the drunk driver tried to park in the narrow space between the two handicapped spots. the space with the no parking stripes that is intended for the wheelchair lift to unfold into. Since his vehicle was a bit wider, he mashed my car and the one in the other spot, then gunned it to get out, and smashed into a third parked car in the next row.

Damage looks minor. Driver's side front tire flattened, that quarter panel dented and dinged, and another dent in the rear bumper on the drivers side and a small dent in the rear quarter panel. I'm not willing to drive the thing, due to potential of steering damage and damage to drive train. (front wheel drive car, natch) Trying to find a tow operator who is still open now is proving to be difficult, may not be able to get it towed until tomorrow.

naturally, that tire that got flattened, was the one that was brand new two days ago, after we found some broken glass in Cambridge the hard way, on the way home from seeing the christmas revels at Saunders Theatre.

So our household is down to one car, with me, my parents here, and both my brother and sister visiting from Seattle. probably gonna get a rental car, I do have that coverage on my insurance, but it is only $30 per day, which isn't much of a rental car.


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