Mar. 13th, 2016

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Dalylight savings started this morning cut and past my conspiracy theory rant from last year. The same morning I had to get up early to go into the restaurant show. Then nesfa meeting all afternoon. Got some interesting literature at the food show. Did all my recipts and turned in expense reports for the boskone con suite. Blew past my budget by about five hundred bucks. Oops. Still haven't see everything from DaveA, so thats a bit more overbudget.

Winter was nicely mild and we only got a couple of snowstorms. There hasn't been any snowbanks around our house for weeks. Mother nature is giving us a break after our record breaking cold and snowfall last winter. I'll do end of season stuff and store the snowblower the weekend after april 1st and pull the lawnmower out then.

Dad's Alzhiemers has gotten a lot worse the last couple months. He did have an UTI, but treating that didn't perk him up. With the nicer weather, dad has started wandering outside. We have to remind him that he is at home and remind him where his bedroom is upstairs. He can't get dressed or undressed without assistance now, mostly telling him to put this on or off and holding it for him. We have to help him with his eating also. He also keeps picking things up and putting them away in odd places. I found my work boots sitting on the front porch when I got home last night, and one of the wastebaskets put in the closet, for instance.
Once again I asked mom if she would let me buy the GPS tracker device for him, but she doesn't want it, and will not deal with it. Short of locking him in the house somehow, I don't know what else we can do short of putting him in some sort of alzheimers care center. Not that we have the money for that either. Ugh. No good options.


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