Apr. 13th, 2016

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Dad is getting better. He's finally on the right antibiotic for his infection. He is back on solid foods and was able to eat some of his supper with assistance. Doctor wanted to talk to mom and I about his resuscitation status. So left work early tuesday and brought mom to hospital in time to meet with his doctor. Then the doctor met us and spouted a lot of generalities about how traumatic the resuscitation process can be and how in someone that old the quality of life they have after is so poor. So there was no specific problem with dad, she was just being general about the whole thing and we may want to change dad to a DNR. Kind of a waste of time, and something she could have done over the phone with my mom, as we want dad to live.

IN news of the house, I got there sunday and rigged up some of the LED light tape as temporary lighting powered from my generator. With adequate light, the damage to everything is even more apparent. *Sighs* SPent some time and was able to find my tax documents and my parents tax documents. Wet, filthy, and covered with firefighters footprints, but readable. Did my taxes last night, doing my parents taxes tomorrow night.


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