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I was visiting the wholesale store on the way home from work to stock up on essential supplies. You know, pepsicola, microwave popcorn, and other staples of the vaguely bachelor lifestyle.

They have the big screen HD TVs setup right where you have to walk past them to get to the rest of the store. The biggest price tag one was on the end cap, playing a blueray DVD as usual. Mostly it plays action movies or the demo DVD, which hold little interest for me. But this time, it was something different that caught my eye and dragged me to a stop.

It was playing The Wizard of OZ. The munchkin village scene at the beginning. Now you have to understand, that I had never seen the movie in a movie theater, just watched it on TV sometimes when I was a kid. (Which wasn't very often. Many years later, I found out that my dad had seen it as a kid, and got totally freaked out by the flying monkeys. He never watched it again) NTSC on a average sized 1970s TV was not the optimum viewing medium. So I thought I already knew the movie, and never gave it much thought, except when it was the answer to a trivial pursuit question of a movie that was shot in black and white (the kansas scenes) and technicolor for everything else.

Then I see this on the mondogigantico HD television set. Oh my freaking ghod! The costume and set designers went all out.... Then they ramped up the colorfulness past eleven to thirteen or fourteen. Super bright contrasty colors, in combinations that shouldn't work, but somehow they do. And all the munchkin characters are in different costumes. And the houses and the floors and everything. I wouldn't have been surprised if my eyes had started bleeding from sheer overstimulation. wow.


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