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So, we got another 15 or so inches of snow today. Work got closed, so another day of no pay or burning vacation time I had plans for.

But my dad is getting better. Yesterday, we got the NG tube put into his stomach. For the more politically motivated among us, this is exactly the same thing they do for force feeding hunger strikers. It's a very uncomfortable process, where they stick a long thing rubber tube up your nose and down the back of your throat and then down to the stomach. Once it is in, you get used to it fairly quickly. Although it still feels pretty unnatural.

Liquid foods (Ensure brand meal replacement shakes) are then pumped down this tube into the stomach. So they started my dad off slowly last night. SInce there hasn't been any food in his belly for a week, he needs to be restarted slow to get his stomach and digestive system back into business. He seems to be doing well. His color is better, and he is not so dehydrated as he was, and is talking better. I am much more optomistic now.

My brother was over there for a a few hours today, while mom and I stayed home and I amused myself with snowshovel and snowblower. Back to work in the morning, and I still have to do all my prep work for the boskone con suite in less than two weeks. I am going to be pretty overwhelmed with all of this going on, so don't expect much from me until after Boskone.


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