Apr. 17th, 2016

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So, another week has passed, without any progress from the insurance company. Still cannot remove anything from the house without jeopardizing the claim status. Finished rigging in the temporary lighting into the basement. Now that I'm able to actually see the damage in some reasonably adequete light, rather than just by the light of a flashlight as before, it's pretty bad. It is pretty much what I was expecting, but actually seeing it was rather an emotional blow.

Everything in the music room, where the fire started, totally burned up. Nothing left but ash, charcoal, and bits of metal that once were tools. Heavy fire damage to overhead structure, but only a couple of floor joists actually burned through. so the Living Room above is not in danger of imminent collapse if someone walks up there. Furnace room, heavy heat damage, everything charred. Basement entryway, fire damage to the overhead, heavy charring to some of the joists. Everything in the entry burned or partially burned. Wall between the music room and entryway badly burned, structural damage to the load bearing wall.

The rest of the basement has very heavy smoke damage, heat damage to stuff in the upper third of the rooms, water damage to anything that was sitting on the floor. Holes in the plaster here and there where the firefighters were checking for hidden fire extension in the post fire overhaul.

The rest of the house is as previously described. Still don't really know if it is a gut and rebuild on the house, or demolish the whole thing and start from the foundation.

Dad's health is better. He got transferred to a nursing home to finish out his antibiotic treatment and to get some rehab therapy. He has started talking a bit, and recognized me when I arrived today, although he called me by my brother's name. Slow progress there. Took mom over to the assisted living place for paperwork and to look at it again. It is pretty darned expensive, but costs are not out of line with other similar places in the area. The would not show us the memory care part of the facility, where we would place dad, as that is somehow a separate operation with it's own sales and administration, even though it's part of the main building.

Figuring on getting mom in there on a thirty day respite care plan. Then we can complete the process for a long term plan for her. Main difference is the respite care comes with a fully furnished studio apartment and costs more. The long term costs less per month, is an unfurnished apartment, and there is a whopping great deposit that we have to come up with, and it's still a large monthly payment for rent and meals and other services.


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