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I really wonder why Pepsi beverage company wants me to drink Cocacola? All of their actions with me recently are driving me away from pepsi over to coke.

SOme background. I like to drink cola, and of the colas on the market nowadays, I prefer the taste of Pepsi Throwback, the version of pepsi made with real sugar, no damned corn syrup. I drink enough soda that I am putting together a home soda fountain system. Well, I want Pepsi throwback on tap, along with Vernor's ginger ale and Ocean Spray cranberry juice cocktail. I, and my family, drink a lot of these beverages and I am tired of dealing with all the empty bottles.

So, I finally have all the pieces and parts needful for the soda fountain, except for the syrup. Soda pop syrup is diluted with five parts carbonated water to make soda pop. Juice syrups are usually diluted 4:1 or 3:1 with plain water. Sodastream syrups are diluted 28:1 with carbonated water, and are able to do this only because they use fake sugars that have much more sweetness per unit. Did I mention that I despise the taste of all the fake sugars? That's why sodastream doesn't make it for me.

SO I go shopping around the restaurant supply places online. hmmm... It seems that Pepsi Throwback is not available at all in syrup form. Grumbling, I have to settle for regular Pepsi. Well, there are online suppliers who resell pepsi syrup. Unfortunately the nearest one is near chicago, and the cost of shipping a five gallon Bag-in-Box syrup here is adding about 70% to the cost. (lists for about 60 bucks, and forty something more for the cheapest shipping. ) Well, that's too damned expensive.

I know there are local Pepsi bottler's who sell the syrup to local restaurants. SO I look up the local bottler and call them up. They can't sell to me unless I have an account. I can't get an account unless I have a commercial location and are willing to guarantee a monthly minimum order from them that is way more than I expect to spend. But, I sez, I am perfectly willing to show up at your location and hand you green folding money for the pepsi syrups you have in the warehouse out back. Nope, corporate will not let them sell that way.

Coke products, on the other hand, are stocked at the local restaurant supply warehouse store, and they can special order any coke flavors they don't have on the shelf. But even though the restaurant supply place has bottles and cans of pepsi, delivered from the local pepsi bottler, they are not allowed to get pepsi syrups under their account.

So, I haven't given up on getting pepsi syrup yet, but dammit Pepsi, you are driving me to drink Coke. I can get coke syrup tomorrow, and if this last attempt to get pepsi syrup tomorrow morning doesn't work, I'm switching. I want to drink your product, why the fsck do you not want to sell it to me?

And that is why Pepsi is losing the cola war.


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