Mar. 25th, 2016

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So, thisafternoon I got a phone call from our neighbor. The house was on fire. Mom and dad got out safely. But the basement is pretty much totaled and the rest of the house got filled with smoke and steam. Reasonably significant damage to floor structure on one end of the house, and the heat came up through the plumbing hole and melted mom's new sit down bathtub in the first floor bathroom. I'm typing the from the couch at my brothers house. Letting the adrenaline wear off. The fire department is gonna watch the house for a couple hours, then the boarding up company will board up the house.

Tomorrow, calling our insurance agent to start that whole process.

The important thing is that nobody got hurt. Lots of stuff got damaged. Hopefully my artwork, which was mostly up on the second floor will be cleanable. But it's all just stuff. Now it's time for massive inconvience and nitpicking from the insurance company.
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So, today was a make hundreds of phone calls and get our insurance going day. Finally got the insurance adjuster, and the independent adjuster who works for us out to the house with the cleanup company. Spent an hour or so walking around, taking pictures and discussing things. Smoke damage was even more extensive in the daylight. Structural damage in basement major, that side of house likely will be total demolish and rebuild. Rest of house is a strip it to the studs, replace all the wires and pipes, and bring house up to current code. Rebuild time they are saying is eight to twelve months. I'll try attaching some pictures.

Gonna move into an extended stay hotel tomorrow for a week or so to take the immediate time pressure off.

Picture attach fail, I don't have a paid account. Posted a couple to my FA page under scraps. Username Dalesql there also.


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