Jan. 25th, 2016

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It's been a very busy couple of weeks. This past weekend was AnthroNewEngland, which I attended and enjoyed. The previous weekend was Arisia, which I also attended and enjoyed less. I'm seriously considering dropping arisia from my social calendar. But I'll be there next year, Ursula Vernon is the GoH, and she is one of my favorite people.

In between the cons, I had my three month followup from being diagnosed with diabeties. I'm on a pill to manage my blood sugar, and I'm rather seriously dieting. So, in mid october, my weight was 375, and A1c was 10.something, both much higher than they should be.

In the following three months, which included halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas foodings, I lost 25 pounds, had to make a new hole in my belt because it was too loose, and my A1c is now 7.3, square in the middle of normal range. I was pretty pleased with this. I promptly fell off the diet wagon during anthronewengland, but I'll be climbing back on today.

My informal target weight is to get down to under 300 lbs, and try the exercise club thing again. Hopefully I will succeed in both of these by this time next year.


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