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So I got a new cellular phone a couple weeks ago. Went up to a samsung galaxy 5. I was happy with the 4 that I had, but the battery was worn out and it was cheaper to upgrade than buy a new battery.

So I use the phone a lot. Every break time and lunch time out comes the phone to check my emial and social media. Even with turning off the worst power wasting apps, the battery was mostly dead by the time I was driving home. Plus I'll be doing 16 hour days at the festival in a couple weeks. So I shopped for an extended runtime battery after trying the external battery packs and finding them too much hassle.

The zerolemon.com battery pack was recomended to me. Bought the one for my model phone. It is about 3x the capacity of the stock battery, and 3x the size. It came with a thicker external case that had room for the battery, and protected the back of the phone as the thicker battery will not allow the back of the phone to be reinstalled.

Been using it for a few days now. It is weird to look at the phone at quitting time and seeing 77% charge remaining. tonight I'm not plugging it into the charger to see how many days the phone will go before low battery alerts.


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