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2016-11-09 07:31 am
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Two days of suck.

SO my dad's health continues to deteriorate. He doesn't speak understandably anymore, and can hardly even sit up. He's largely stopped eating. So, it's time. Mom signed the DNR orders for him, and then we all had a good cry. Even though it's just paperwork, and we have been expecting it, the impact was huge. I still haven't really processed it.

Then election day. Work told me I was driving to NJ tuesday. I was told the truck was ready with a full fuel tank. Set the alarm for 230 in the morning, which was the first suck of the day. Went to work and found that my heavy coat wasn't in my car, so all I had to protect me from the frost was a windbreaker and hoodie. Which wasn't a problem once the heat started working.

Whoops, only half a tank of fuel. So drive to Ryder to fuel up. Except the fuel guy wasn't there that night. Poked the mechanics and they came out and fueled me up, and wasted more time trying to record it on the computer. So another hour wasted. But, on the road finally.

Meanwhile, my stomach and bowels were starting to let me know that they were unhappy with something I ate. I stopped at every rest stop on the mass pike to use the bathroom. After that, there was nothing more, even though I felt like I had to go for the next several hours. More time lost.

I hit the morning drive traffic in New Haven, and then the serious traffic jam started on I95, 20 miles before the NY border. It didn't help that my GPS kept suggesting alternate routes that I couldn't take a truck through. Frustrating. Had a couple miles of clear sailing once I got on the thruway, but hit the traffic jam again around CO-OP City. Then it was stop and go traffic from there all the way to the George Washington bridge. Three hours on the cross bronx expressway is a pretty close approximation of hell.

Finally got to 4WALL about ten minutes before their lunchtime. Got the stuff. Went to the ryder depot to fuel up, then stopped at the local Quick Chek for a bathroom stop and to rest up for the drive back. I'm in the bathroom and suddenly my unhappy stomach finally said enough is enough. Vomited and made a bit of a mess of the bathroom, even though most of it went into the toilet. So change of plans, lunch consisted of a couple of bottles of water. Sat there for a bit, just in case, then headed back.

The drive back through NYC was surprisingly easy. Only stopped a couple of times for traffic jams. Got to the first rest stop in Connecticut and stopped there. Was feeling better, but tired. Ate about half a fish sammich from McDs before tummy said to stop. Took a 20 minute nap sitting in one of the booths. Didn't really sleep, but just sitting there with my eyes closed and relaxing helped enormously. Got a coke for the caffeine on the way back out. Hit a few traffic jams on the way back, but mostly just drove along.

So, start work at 330AM, got back to the shop at 630PM. Fifteen hour work day. Ugh. I drove myself back to hotel and crawled into bed. I decided that I was not safe to drive home to vote and then back.

Woke up this morning to hear President Elect Trump on the radio. So, I am glad that Hillary lost. I'm not happy that Trump won. I hope that my prediction that Trump will get bored with the job and resign after a year or two holds true. But on the other hand, Italy survived Berlesconi I'm sure the USA will survive Trump.