Aug. 4th, 2017

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So, still waiting for the bank to schedule closing on the construction loan. Now, I think the delay is that everyone is popping off on their summer vacations. Once the loan is closed, we get the first installment of money four banking business days later. (m-f, plus saturday) Once we have the money, pay the contractor all the back bills we owe them, then take whatever is remaining and hire a gutter company to come put gutters on the front of the house. The contractor thinks this lack of gutters explains why there is water seeping into the basement after heavy rainstorms. I'm also putting a dehumidifier into the basement as I had intended all along. I hope the plumber left the drain available in the furnace room for the dehumidifier as I asked. I also noticed that there isn't a water line up to the fridge for the ice maker. Need to check on that.

Painting in the house seems to be completed. Don't know for sure, as the flooring folks have come in and put in the wood flooring on the first floor and were partway through sanding. They probably sanded the upstairs, as when I visited, the upstairs floors were all covered with wet urethane finish. I also noticed that some of the finish electrical work has been completed. Outlets and switches mostly, and a few light fixtures.

Wesley, my brother in seattle, is planning on flying out here to take care of mom while I'm in Bangor for the festival. But that is getting iffy, as his daughter has been diagnosed with a cancer in her inner ear that is growing into the brain. This explains many of her issues the last couple of years. They have a neurosurgeon and an EENT specialist cooperating on planning for the surgery to remove it. They need an MRI of her head and neck to confirm the lab test saying it is a benign tumor, and to plan the surgery. Obviously, being there for his daughters surgery takes priority.

Festival plans are moving forward. Just had a doozy dropped on us. We normally get a couple of those construction office trailers to use at the festival. But the vendor told us that they didn't have any available. Whoaaa. So now we are scrambling around trying to figure out alternatives. and we need them to be onsite in two weeks for first day of setup. Money, as usual, is in short supply.

In more happy news, got the slushie machine fixed. Yay. Tried to use it to make soft serve ice cream as the manual promised it could. Tried twice. Failed both times. Nope, gonna be just a slushie machine. Okay. So, I had an idea for slushies. Instead of having to choose one flavor and being stuck with it for the day... What if I just made up a sugar solution and slushed that down, then just poured the flavoring juice into the cup and stirred the slush into it. So I tried that this week. For lemon and lime juice, this worked great. When I tried it with the fruit puree, it was too sweet. So, gonna try another batch of sugarslush, and do it as a five percent sugar solution. The manual warns that there needs to be at least eight percent sugar for the slush to form properly, so need to test that out. Just did the math, one pound of sugar to 16 pounds (2 gallons)of water will give me 5.8% solution, so that's what I will try. If it works, then I can offer any flavor I can get a fruit puree, and that is sold in the supermarket as pie filling or ice cream topping.


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