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Punched another new hole in my belt today! My waistline continues to shrink! Yay! I've decided that I'm going to keep wearing this belt until I reach my target weight or it breaks. Which means that eventually the belt is going to reach all the way around to the small of my back. Right now the belt goes a little past my hip. Goals!

Still waiting for the health insurance to approve the CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. They dragged their feet for several weeks on approving the sleep study, so I fully expect they will drag their feet on this for as long as they can. It's what insurance companies do, after all.

I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that the insurance industry is really a creation of satan. Very likely everyone in the industry is very likely damned. They are just trying to bring some hell to everyone that they touch.
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Today I had to punch another hole in my belt because my pants were falling down. My waistline has shrunk another inch! This it the good kind of negative.

Also last day of work today. Now I'm on vacation. tomorrow I'm driving up to Bangor Maine to work on the AmericanFolkFestival.com for the next ten days. Where I'll be putting in ten to twelve hour days. Festival, my job away from job!

Anyone near Bangor who wants to come down and see me, I'll be at the festival site from about 9am until dark every day next week. Look for the guy with a black vest of many pockets on the golf cart loaded down with electrical gear. I probably will only ask you about volunteering for the festival once. Maybe twice.

My sister is flying in from Seattle and will be taking care of mom while I'm gone. Unfortunately, she goes back before I get back down here, so I'll probably not see her for another year or so.
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Bottom line, getting in better shape, blood pressure under control, and they complimented me on having great numbers on my blood tests. So overall I am pleased.

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