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Here in this united states, when a parent spanks a child for misbehaving, the child welfare agencies get involved and sometimes even take custody of the child away from the parents. I just heard on the radio a news story about a parent who was being investigated by police and child welfare agency over the child walking home from school, because the parent did not pick up the child from school in person.

And yet, out in california, where there is an active outbreak of measles, a disease that maims and kills children at a frightening rate, parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids against measles are supported by the government in their refusal to protect their kids against this known deadly disease.

Is there some breakdown of the logic here? SOme deadly risks are okay for children? Even though the prevention is one easily administered series of vaccines? But actually disciplining misbehaving children with corporal punishment, that at worse leaves some bruises, is worthy of taking the children away from their parents?

Ahhh ha! I just figured it out. This is a eugenics program to eliminate the children of stupid and gullible parents from the gene pool. Stupid parents don't vaccinate their kids and the kids get maimed or killed by the diseases, winning the parent's a Darwin award. It's the only logical explanation.


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