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As previously mentioned, the tenant from hell that has been plaguing my parents finally exhausted all the sleazy stalling tactics and was evicted. So, last weekend, we arranged for a dumpster to be parked in the driveway of the rental house and went over to clean it up. I hadn't been over there in most of a year, after the tenant's male companion threatened me when i was working over there, I refused to go over there without armed escort. But I figured that they would have left a mess. I didn't expect that much mess.

The house is two stories with a full basement underneath. Tenant was renting the first and second floor, as the basement was not a legally rentable space. Apparantly, the tenant stopped taking their garbage to the dump a couple months ago. They just opened the door to the basement stairs and threw their garbage down the stairs to rot. There was junk all over the place. I noticed several items there that still had the store theft prevention electronic tags on them.

We filled a 40 yard dumpster. and we had to stop because the dumpster was full. Even after the metal items were separated out to be taken for recycling. Still lots of trash and junk in the place. Couple of couches and settees. Couple of mattress and box spring sets. Bunch of chairs and tables. Twenty or thirty bags of rotten garbage from the basement stairs. A rusty trampoline. Couple of window AC units, dead TVs and computers and monitors. All the rotting food in the fridge. (they had unplugged the fridge before they left) A dead clothes washer and dryer.

Next weekend, we are getting the dumpster back empty to fill it again with the remaining junk from the place. Also plan on ripping out the wall to wall carpeting. As best as I can tell, they had dogs, and the dogs crapped and piddled wherever they wanted. Fortunately for me, the mold set off my allergies, so I was unable to smell anything. My brothers had some choice words about the smell.
There is also a couple of soft spots under the carpeting, so we need to rip it out to see what the damage is there. The basement stairs need to to have the walls and probably the steps torn out, as they are horribly stained and covered with mold and mildew. I'm beginning to wonder if the structure is even worth preserving, and might be better torn down and sell the land as a vacant lot. Even though we put a new roof on the the place last year. We had no idea of the amount of damage they did to the place.

Some people are a waste of oxygen. *sighs*


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