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So, the extended fall weather we have been enjoying all December came to an end this morning. About an inch of snow that was being packed down by sleet and rain during the morning commute.

As usual, there were a number of idiot drivers who had totally forgotten how to drive in weather like this. It's not hard, slow down and leave more room between you and the other vehicles so there is time to recover from the inevitable skid.

I was treated to a couple of idiots skidding around because the we're going too fast and steering too hard. On person, driving a little black sports car rotated two times in front of me after he passed me on the right. Obviously he thought I was driving too slowly. He was lucky, he didn't hit anyone and missed the concrete barrier as he slid to a stop in the high speed lane on 128. I just drove on past as he moved into the left hand breakdown lane, I suppose he needed to put some towels or something on his drivers seat.

Unfortunately my new dashboard camera was in my car, and I was driving dad's minivan today, so no video of the event.


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