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Now that you have had a nice temper tantrum over your preferred presidential candidate losing the election, please stop now. Blow your nose, wash your face, pull up your big boy or big girl pants and come on back from planet denial. Its a democracy. That means that sometimes someone else's candidate wins. Its not the end of the world. You mocked the black helicopter conspiricy people. Well guess what, the lbgtq death squads and concentration camps some of you are going on about is just as rediculous.

Time to grow up, get a grip on reality, accept that sometimes you will lose and get on with your life. You will have another chance to run your candidate next time around. Its not the end of the world, its just another damned election.
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So it seems Hillary's defense of rapists by discrediting the rape victim was something she had been doing for decades. It's sad that this is being published in a british paper, I guess the american news apparatchiks don't want to break ranks in their support of Hillary.

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But she is a democrat, wealthy and powerful. So she probably will avoid prosecution for malfeasance in office. It's all the trend now with Democrat politicians nowadays.

Specifically, today the massachusetts atty. general sent out revised definitions of what constitutes an "assault weapon" to all licensed gun dealers. The first public notice of this proposed change was yesterday. No public comment period, no hearings, no studies, nothing but her personal political agenda to remove all guns from the hands of ordinary decent citizens in this state. Oh yeah, it takes effect immediately. Timed to be released during the RNC convention, when many of the opposition party are out of state. Smooth move there Exlax.

The substance of the change is to add more cosmetic features to the list that defines an assault weapon in this state. Since there is no functional description of what is an assault weapon under the law, what the law lists is a bunch of rifles and pistols by make and model, and a list of various cosmetic features that if the rifle has enough of them, turns it into an assault weapon. So she has taken upon herself to expand the list of features. and try to ram it down the throats of massachusetts gun owners.

I have looked online, all I've seen is some fuzzy scans of the letter so far. No doubt folks who are much better informed will be finding a clear copy and doing the painstaking analysis to try and figure out what the actual effects of the changes will be. Meanwhile, massachusetts gun dealers who had expensive rifles in their stock that were legal to sell yesterday, now have their money sunk into unsellable rifles today. I hope that GOAL or someone files a lawsuit to overturn the order. The basic law was, IMNSHO, unconstitutionally vague, and also pretty clearly violates the Heller and McDonald precedents on the second amendment. This new rule also would constitute an illegal taking under the constitution, considering it's incredibly short notice.

But one of the ways she wants to disarm americans is to drive gun dealers out of business, and I expect that this loss of business and trapping of their capitol will drive a few more of them out of business. Catching them at just the wrong time.

I'm trying not to hate Democrat politicians as a class. But horseshit like this makes it harder and harder not to hate them all.
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As I'm sure anyone in the USA is aware by now, no less than the FBI director himself laid out the evidence about Hillery's misuse of the by now infamous private e-mail server for conducting all of her official e-mail while being the secretary of state. But even though she clearly violated the laws about mishandling classified information multiple times. And when this came to light in the investigation of the Benghazi fiasco, she did her best to delay and hide the evidence of wrongdoing, which is a separate felony under US law.

Despite fairly clear and convincing evidence, the FBI director also said he was not recommending an indictment. Since Bill had his rather suspiciously timed "coincidental" meeting with the attorney General, forcing her to recuse herself, took her out of play. Leaving the final decision with the career bureaucrats who are overwhelmingly supporters of Hillery and the democratic party, making this decision not to prosecute not a surprise at all. Very disappointing, but not a surprise. They are not going to prosecute a political power like her without strong encouragement from their leadership. Leadership which is still rather lacking from the president and his appointees.

This despite the very same justice department going after people who are not wealthy or powerful for far smaller violations of the classified information laws. Prosecutions which are usually ending in convictions or plea deals resulting in multi-year sentences. But the rules are different for the wealthy, powerful, and well connected politicians. They can manipulate the people running the system to make the system dance to their tune. Nice double standard there democrats. I hope it turns around and bites you in the ass.

This also confirms in my mind that the FBI is rotten to the core. After J. Edgar Hoover died, and his immediate cronies retired from runnning the agency, they made some major progress in changing their culture and leadership to match more closely with their ideals, taking them away from their previous status of a tool for wanna-be dictators to use to crush their enemies. The closest they got to those ideals was probably in the 90s, but the all-consuming war on terrorism pushed them firmly back into the secret police role where they enforce their master's ideology on the populace.

The refusal of the FBI leadership to acknowledge these failures, let alone try to actually fix them, leads me to the inescapable conclusion that the FBI is, just like the BATFE, a failed state organization. No longer enforcing the law and constitution, but enforcing the ideology of their political masters. Nixon could only dream about that the things the FBI would do on his behalf. Now they simply get their marching orders from the thought police and go to work, rooting out politically incorrect thinking wherever they think they have found it.

Time to disband the FBI, fire all of their agents, and start over again with new people. But I'm not gonna hold my breath.
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All of the proposed gun control laws that are being bandied about by the various politicians that use the no fly list or any of the other secret lists created by the government to deny any citizen the constitutional right to keep and bear arms is a really bad idea.

Being put on double secret probation by the government is bad.

Not being told you are on the double secret probation list is worse.

When you try to get on an airplane for a trip and get told that you cannot get on that airplane and they won't say why, even though the airline sold you a ticket weeks or months ago, and they didn't bother to tell you until you are at the airport is worse.

You are pretty sure that your name is on the double secret probation list because they wouldn't let you fly. But when you try to find out how your name got on the list, they deny that your name is on the list, and they can't tell you why you might be on the list, because, well, secrets. Even worse.

You hire a lawyer to try suing the feds to force them to show up in court in front of a judge and show cause for blocking your right to free travel. Your lawyer can't even find anyone in the government to serve the papers on for the case. Because it's the double secret probation list and they are required by law to deny any knowledge of the list, or that even the list exists.

So you can't prove you are on the double secret probation list. Don't know why they might have put you on the list. Could possibly even explain why you were doing whatever it was that got you put on the list, but you can't because it is secret.

And once that the people on the double secret probation list have their second amendment rights stripped away by a secret bureaucratic action, it is not so far to start stripping away other constitutionally guaranteed rights. I mean, you are on the list, so obviously you must be a terrorist. So lets remove your fourth amendment rights. Why should they go to the trouble to get a warrent to tap your phone and internet, or to break into your home while you are away to search for incriminating stuff. Don't need those fifth and sixth amendment rights either, you are obviously guilty. But until they get around to putting you in jail, lets remove your third amendment rights and require you to put a homeland security agent in your spare bedroom to live there so as to make it easier for them to keep you under surveillance. Lets get rid of your sixth amendment rights to a fair and public trial by an impartial jury too. We already know you are guilty, no need to actually prove it to judge and jury. And while we have you detained for trial, dump the 8th amendment too, set your bail to one hundred billion dollars and schedule you for some torture sessions to wring all the possible confessions from you. From the lindburgh kidnapping to the killing of cock robin, we know you are guilty, just have to torture you into confessing.

Pardon my hyperbole, but I find the double secret probation list, aka the no fly list, the selectee list, and many other names to be a profound threat to the basic fabric of american life.
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Information is sketchy as yet. Another mass shooting in a place where the victims are disarmed by law. How long before the gun control activists will be out there metaphorically dancing in the blood to show how this proves we need more laws against guns?
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Today, in a courtroom in Boston Massachusetts, the so-called Cradle of Liberty, a man was convicted of several thought crimes and faces sentencing that could potentially include life in prison.

He was convicted because he made speech on his web site and in person that supported various islamoterrorist causes, and that he traveled to Yemen where he tried and failed to make contact with islamoterrorist groups for training. Plus he was convicted of lying to federal law enforcement officers who were investigating him.

This is all the very finest nightsoil of a well fed bullock. The guy holds political opinions that I find revolting. But many other americans also hold and espouse political opinions that I find revolting. That doesn't mean they deserve to go to jail for being wrong. He didn't get charged with sending money or material to terrorist groups. He didn't get charged with making bombs, shooting anyone, or any sort of actual physical act that brought harm to another american.
That lying to federal officers charge. Hooo Boy! Did you know that FBI agents are not allowed to video or audiotape their interviews? They are required to keep notes of their interviews, and those notes are the legal record of that interview. If the agents find that someone else is taping the interview, they are required to immediately stop the interview until the recording device is turned off. Official FBI regulations. And guess what, if the written notes of the interview taken by the interviewee conflict with the written notes of the agents... guess who the courts tend to believe, and which gets excluded from evidence in trial.

Not to mention, if you deny that you committed a crime in one of these interviews, and they later convict you of that crime, it's an automatic guilty to the lying to federal officials charge. And no, there is no notice given to you by the federal officials that this is a possible hazard of the interview. Even here in Boston, with it's well known track record of corrupt and perjuring FBI agents, the judges still give 100% credibility to the agents. So just remember, that pesky 5th amendment thingy. That doesn't apply to federal police official investigations anymore. The 4th amendment has also been pretty deeply undermined and had a bunch of big holes hacked through it.

It's a sad day for american liberties. And look, the feds have locked up an incompetent wanna-be islamoterrorist. B.F.D. Great job. Not.


Nov. 5th, 2010 08:25 pm
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There was an election this week here in the USA. I have my opinions on who got elected and who didn't, and how the election results were good and bad. But that's not what I want to talk about... exactly.

I'm talking about the hyperbole that I've been reading on my friends and acquaintances blogs lately about the election. Both the cheerleading and bashing of this or that candidate or ballot question before the vote, and the celebrations and excoriations over the results of the vote.

One big lack I noticed not only in the press and media, but also in the blogosphere was the simple act of intelligent, calm and reasoned discussion of the pros and cons of this or that issue. Where two or more rational people with differing opinions have a calm and rational discussion of the issue. With reasonable give and take in the conversation, and the willingness to be persuaded and to persuade the other into changing their opinion on whatever matter was under discussion.

I can't recall reading or listening to a single one this election cycle. Not one.

Every time I read or heard a start of one of these discussions, very soon other participants started shouting their opinions as the holy writ and drowned out all rationality. This saddens me.

After the election I read some of those really vicious diatribes about how could the voters have possibly elected that other politician who is blatantly evil, as symbolized by their party affiliation. Also the quiet smugness of the people who had the people or party they wanted to win get elected. Almost nowhere did I read anything about toleration of different viewpoints, or the acceptance that rational people can hold different opinions on a subject. Perhaps some lip service given to the idea that reasonable people can disagree on something. But once those pious phrases pass their lips, the attacks on the other starts right back up.

I don't have a good solution to this extremely distasteful position I find myself in. When I try to educate myself on a particular politician or ballot issue, all that I can easily find is sound bites, bullet points and scurrilous attacks. The lack of reasonable discourse is appalling, and we sorely need more reason and less hysteria.
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Someone I've heard of before. +1
Belongs to the same political party as me. +1
Is an incumbent. -1 for each two years they have been in office.
Career politician or political operative or lobbyist. -1 for each two years since they have had a real job.
Lawyer. -1
That doesn't have a current bar status. -1
Never actually passed the bar exam. -1
College degree +1
Successful non-political career. +1
Former or current grade school teacher. +1
Convictions or plea deals for felonies. -1 per each
Conviction or plea deal for fraud, tax evasion or financial crime. -1 per each

Third party attack ads aimed at him/her. +2 for each $100k of ad buy.
Third party attack ads aimed at his/her opponent. -2 for each $100k of ad buy.
Attack ad from opponent. +1 for each $100k of ad buy.
Attack ad at opponent. -1 for each $100k of ad buy.
Multipliers for the above.
From some nebulous front organization. doubletime
From the political party organization. Time and a half
Distortions or out of context quotes. time and a half
Small lies. time and 3/4s
Big lies. doubletime
liar liar pants on fire. double and a half time

For an office such as auditor, treasurer, attorney general or prosecutor.
Member of the majority political party. -5
Member of a real minority party. (Not D or R) +5

Has voted for things that he/she believes will hurt re-election chances, but were following personal philosophy/ideology. +1 to +3, depending on how big the risk.
Actually carried out political promises that were not easy pickings. +2
While in office, actually had a balanced budget, even when it was not required by the constitution. +2
Pork barrel projects for home district. -1 for each million dollars of project. Multiply if the project was really egregious or buried in a must-pass bill or passed in the middle of the night.
Voted for own pay raise. -1
If the economy isn't doing well at time of vote, another -1.
Honorable military service. +2
Honorable military service longer than one enlistment or minimum obligation. +2 more
Military draft dodger by legal means (College deferment, etc.) -2
Military draft dodger by illegal means. (ran to canada, falsified documents, etc.) -5

I may add more, but I'm tired now.


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