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So Now it's October, and it's been a month since I posted.  
The furnace problem was the expansion tank in the ceiling, plumber came in and disconnected the old one, put in a new one.  Still need a furnace tech to come in and do the annual maintainance on the furnace.  Cost of heating oil for this winter is forcast to be lower than last winter, but when I did some ballpark numbers, a pellet heating stove for the livingroom fireplace still makes sense, four year payoff instead of two is all.   I'll make another attempt to talk my parents into installing one, but I doubt mom will say yes.   

  I just bought a new generator, this one is dual fuel, propane and gasoline, and as long as I never use gas on it, the problems that I have with the previous ones, all related to leaving them sit too long with gas in them, will never happen.   If anyone wants a portable generator with a corroded carborator (about a $250 repair) I'm willing to sell it cheap.    I would have purchased the propane only generator, but that one didn't come with the battery starter motor option.   Also bought a new electric lawnmover on tax free weekend. So there is now a gas mower that we are willing to sell cheap.  Probably also needs a new carb. 

Dad's health continues changing for the worse.   He is pretty much recovered as much as I expect he will from the Lyme.  Still tapering off on some of the medications he got added from that.  I don't think he needs the stomach stuff, now that the feeding tube is removed and healed up.  Also that antiseizure med from that single somewhat questionable episode he had is not well justified in my mind. 

But, the Alzhiemers gets worse over time.  He needs to be prompted to do things like finish buttoning his shirt.  Mom has to tell hin when he needs to take his meds.  he is puttering around the house and yard, organizing things, so the house is in a constant state of low level turnover, and things don't stay where they were left.   He doesn't feel like leaving the house for errands anymore, so about the only time he goes out is for doctor appointments and when we push him into leaving with us for errands. 

We have to leave notes on the kitchen table whenever we leave him alone.  if we don't do that, he forgets where we went, and goes into a low level panic and searches the house and yard for us, but he forgets where he has already looked, so just keeps looking and worrying.  

I'm looking for some kind of tablet app that I can use that has a date time display, and notepad functionality for notes of that nature.  But has that stuff pops up upon any touch, but a couple of levels of passwords from easy to difficult so my mom can use the calendaring function for keeping track of things like doctor appointments, but protects the deeper levels from mom and dad's fumblefingering damages.

In my health, it's looking like the pre-diabetes problem I have had hanging over my head for the last several years has progressed to the next level.   I hope that the indications are something of a false alarm, or rather, indications of my falling off the diet wagon pretty badly the last couple months. For instance, the morning I had the test, four different people each brought in a dozen donuts to work, and I ate my share of them.    I'm climbing back on my diet wagon and going back for more testing and appointments with doctors to learn more and figure out what is going on.

SUmmer is over, the first ski area has opened up in Maine.  Long range weather guessers are calling for another winter of heavy snow and colder than average temperatures.   I fired up the snowblower, and it works.  Gotta find the old gas cans and get them ready for the winter. 

I've been greatly tempted to do some political postings, prompted by the antics, lies and distortions of the people running for president.   but so far I have refrained, mainly by the fact that I know that massachusetts will go for whomever the democratic party candidate is, no matter how wrong I think they are.   Not that either of the big smelly two political parties have much about them to attract my support.  *sighs* 


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