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So, I realized that I have recently completed six months of using the CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. Some suggested that I would be full of energy and bouncing up after using it. Not so much that. Getting used to wearing the mask while sleeping took a long time. The first couple of weeks were obnoxious, everytime I rolled over it would wake me up.

Fortunately sleeping dale can still learn, and I've learned to sleep through the night with the thing strapped to my face. A couple weeks ago, I started waking up before my alarm clock went off. Don't know that this is a permanant change, but I am much more awake in the mornings, and don't desperately need a dose of caffiene to get myself functional in the mornings. I still have my cup of tea each morning, but it is more of a habit than a craving lately.

This is a good trend. Also, fell off the diet wagon and my A1c shot back up, and my weight loss stopped over the winter. Climbed back on the diet wagon and got the A1c back under control and back close to the acceptable but still high range. I think I've started losing weight again, and my belt may be needing another hole punched in it soon.

House repair proceeds. Damage all removed, framing is complete, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC rough work completed and passed inspection. Insulation this week, waiting for two more windows to be installed that were ordered wrong and had to be redone. Construction loan still pending, and the mortgage banker isn't returning phone calls. Hopefully she is just on vacation or something.
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I am now the happy owner of my very own personal slushie machine. I can have a slushie whenever I want one.... as long as I want one about ninety minutes after I fill it with some slushie mixture and turn it on. *grins* Used it today for the first time at the CT furry picnic. Once it finally slushed the mixture, it was yummy, and popular.

the recipie. One part Fox brand neutral slush base. (mostly sugar water with some added acids) one part lime juice, four parts water.

Still in the hotel, still waiting for the insurance company to shift off it's metaphorical butt and take some action on our claim. arrrgh.
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So, today was a make hundreds of phone calls and get our insurance going day. Finally got the insurance adjuster, and the independent adjuster who works for us out to the house with the cleanup company. Spent an hour or so walking around, taking pictures and discussing things. Smoke damage was even more extensive in the daylight. Structural damage in basement major, that side of house likely will be total demolish and rebuild. Rest of house is a strip it to the studs, replace all the wires and pipes, and bring house up to current code. Rebuild time they are saying is eight to twelve months. I'll try attaching some pictures.

Gonna move into an extended stay hotel tomorrow for a week or so to take the immediate time pressure off.

Picture attach fail, I don't have a paid account. Posted a couple to my FA page under scraps. Username Dalesql there also.


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