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As I'm sure anyone in the USA is aware by now, no less than the FBI director himself laid out the evidence about Hillery's misuse of the by now infamous private e-mail server for conducting all of her official e-mail while being the secretary of state. But even though she clearly violated the laws about mishandling classified information multiple times. And when this came to light in the investigation of the Benghazi fiasco, she did her best to delay and hide the evidence of wrongdoing, which is a separate felony under US law.

Despite fairly clear and convincing evidence, the FBI director also said he was not recommending an indictment. Since Bill had his rather suspiciously timed "coincidental" meeting with the attorney General, forcing her to recuse herself, took her out of play. Leaving the final decision with the career bureaucrats who are overwhelmingly supporters of Hillery and the democratic party, making this decision not to prosecute not a surprise at all. Very disappointing, but not a surprise. They are not going to prosecute a political power like her without strong encouragement from their leadership. Leadership which is still rather lacking from the president and his appointees.

This despite the very same justice department going after people who are not wealthy or powerful for far smaller violations of the classified information laws. Prosecutions which are usually ending in convictions or plea deals resulting in multi-year sentences. But the rules are different for the wealthy, powerful, and well connected politicians. They can manipulate the people running the system to make the system dance to their tune. Nice double standard there democrats. I hope it turns around and bites you in the ass.

This also confirms in my mind that the FBI is rotten to the core. After J. Edgar Hoover died, and his immediate cronies retired from runnning the agency, they made some major progress in changing their culture and leadership to match more closely with their ideals, taking them away from their previous status of a tool for wanna-be dictators to use to crush their enemies. The closest they got to those ideals was probably in the 90s, but the all-consuming war on terrorism pushed them firmly back into the secret police role where they enforce their master's ideology on the populace.

The refusal of the FBI leadership to acknowledge these failures, let alone try to actually fix them, leads me to the inescapable conclusion that the FBI is, just like the BATFE, a failed state organization. No longer enforcing the law and constitution, but enforcing the ideology of their political masters. Nixon could only dream about that the things the FBI would do on his behalf. Now they simply get their marching orders from the thought police and go to work, rooting out politically incorrect thinking wherever they think they have found it.

Time to disband the FBI, fire all of their agents, and start over again with new people. But I'm not gonna hold my breath.


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