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Bottom line, getting in better shape, blood pressure under control, and they complimented me on having great numbers on my blood tests. So overall I am pleased.

Boring diet and medical details )
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Today the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston had their grand opening of their new arts of the america's wing. Plus, free admission today. I had been telling my parents that I wanted to go and asked if they wanted to go along. Dad wasn't feeling interested, would rather doze in front of the TV with football games.

So took mom and I loaded up and off we drove to Boston. Since I had mom with me, I also had Mom's handicapped parking permit. Parked for free on the street in a handicapped space and walked the half a block to the fenway entrance. The line at the main entrance was huge, but the fenway line was very short, and many folks waved us ahead of them seeing mom in her walker escorted by me.

Free admission today too, instead of the normal $20 per person. The place was packed, as expected, but was able to see most of one floor with mom before she got tired. Lots of pretty pictures, furniture and sculptures. Bunch of not so pretty pictures too. I guess I must be just lacking in high culture or something, but bad paintings are just bad paintings to me.

Health updates.

Dad is getting better, but slowly. Still balancing out mom & dad's medications, doctor's appointments are a couple days each week between them. my brother is the main taxi driver during the week for them, but I had to take half a day from work thursday when he caught a cold and couldn't drive mom.


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