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Sometime during the night, the power went out. Power came back on a little while ago. All the radios and the furnace slamming on woke me up. House was still warmish, so it probably wasn't out more than a couple hours. Looking outside, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and the snow is melting fast. With a little luck, by the time I finish my leisurely morning wake up, then make and consume the french toast, I won't need to actually go out and shovel any snow. Just brush off the car if it isn't gone by the time I head off to NESFA for our annual halloween party and open house. I might set up the hot water pot for the party for hot chocolate.

Only a couple of branches down outside, none of them big enough to need the chainsaw. Nothing hit the cars or house. Shrubbery is all leaning over bad, blocking the front walk, but I expect in a couple hours the snow holding them down will have melted or blown off. Snow accumulation looks like it was four or five inches, but it is melting fast, slumping down to only an inch or two now of wet slushy glop by now.


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