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It was busy. Did a little of this and that, didn't make it to all the things I wanted to get too.

Saturday morning, brought dad home from the nursing home. Or more accurately, dragged him from the money gouging clutches of same. We got piles of paperwork, but no explanation of stuff on it.

Once I got dad home, drove down to Cromwell, CT, where I spent the afternoon and early evening partaking of FurFright, a halloween themed furry con, that started out from an annual halloween party at someone's house. It was fun. over 100 costumed characters in the fursuit parade, and there were many more that I saw around the con that were not in the parade. Went to a couple of parties. Most interesting was the Pie Party, which had started in competition to 'The cake is a lie' party. I'm sure there is an in joke there I'm not getting. Most enjoyable was the impromtu piano party by the pool. The hotel had a grand piano in a small area near the pool where there were also few tables and chairs. Someone who played the piano pretty well, sang some songs. Containers of snacks appeared, several made supply runs to the hotel bar for liquid refreshment, and it was a rather enjoyable hour or two. Unfortunately, nobody else knew how to play the piano, and when his fingers got tired, the thing ended. Mathewebel.com I think was his web site, for a plug.

Drove back home and sunday morning did a few chores around the house while we waited for the visiting nurse to arrive to deal with getting my dad setup with visiting nurse program. She was great, gave us a long list of things we need to resolve with dad's doctors that he is seeing this week. (The surgeon, the urologist, asthma doctor and his GP.) By the time we finished with her, it was nearly 5pm, so I decided to give the nesfa halloween party a miss.

Trick or treaters. We only had one group of kids show up. But to make up for it, it seemed to be all the kids in the area with several parents. It was hard to count, but it was probably about ten kids. We gave out candy bars(full size only), various glow sticks, rubber eyeballs and halloween drinking cups.

Time to go to bed.


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