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But she is a democrat, wealthy and powerful. So she probably will avoid prosecution for malfeasance in office. It's all the trend now with Democrat politicians nowadays.

Specifically, today the massachusetts atty. general sent out revised definitions of what constitutes an "assault weapon" to all licensed gun dealers. The first public notice of this proposed change was yesterday. No public comment period, no hearings, no studies, nothing but her personal political agenda to remove all guns from the hands of ordinary decent citizens in this state. Oh yeah, it takes effect immediately. Timed to be released during the RNC convention, when many of the opposition party are out of state. Smooth move there Exlax.

The substance of the change is to add more cosmetic features to the list that defines an assault weapon in this state. Since there is no functional description of what is an assault weapon under the law, what the law lists is a bunch of rifles and pistols by make and model, and a list of various cosmetic features that if the rifle has enough of them, turns it into an assault weapon. So she has taken upon herself to expand the list of features. and try to ram it down the throats of massachusetts gun owners.

I have looked online, all I've seen is some fuzzy scans of the letter so far. No doubt folks who are much better informed will be finding a clear copy and doing the painstaking analysis to try and figure out what the actual effects of the changes will be. Meanwhile, massachusetts gun dealers who had expensive rifles in their stock that were legal to sell yesterday, now have their money sunk into unsellable rifles today. I hope that GOAL or someone files a lawsuit to overturn the order. The basic law was, IMNSHO, unconstitutionally vague, and also pretty clearly violates the Heller and McDonald precedents on the second amendment. This new rule also would constitute an illegal taking under the constitution, considering it's incredibly short notice.

But one of the ways she wants to disarm americans is to drive gun dealers out of business, and I expect that this loss of business and trapping of their capitol will drive a few more of them out of business. Catching them at just the wrong time.

I'm trying not to hate Democrat politicians as a class. But horseshit like this makes it harder and harder not to hate them all.
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So, I wake up this morning to the bad news from the Pulse nightclub in orlando florida. Took mom to visit dad at the nursing home, and when I got back I heard President Obama once again not mentioning radical islamic hatred but he did take the opportunity to use this horrible event to push for more restrictive gun laws. So, since he chose to dance in the blood to advance his political agenda, I feel no compunction about pushing back against his political agenda.

Facts on the ground are slim. The media pack of giggling jackals are endlessly repeating the few things known and then bringing in alleged experts to speculate endlessly to build these logical castles in the sky out of their own imagination. Surprise surprise, they come to the conclusion that the country needs more and stricter laws put onto the books that advance their cause.

We know the bad guy brought a rifle of some kind. Most accounts call it an AR15 or something similar, or just call it an assualt rifle or assault weapon. Somehow got into the club with it. Didn't they have security at the door, or did he shoot his way through them? Called 911 claiming credit in the name of ISIS for his actions. SHot many many rounds into the defenseless victims on the dance floor, until he was confronted with the lone good guy with a gun in the club. Gunfire was exchanged and then bad guy retreated to the bathroom, acquiring hostages along the way. Police arrived and a couple hours of standoff, then SWAT assaults and bad guy ends up dead on the floor.

I'll continue this later, my alarm is calling me to go to work.
Back from work. To Continue.

The nightclub, as a venue that derives more than 50% of it's income from alcohol, is a no go zone for ordinary decent citizens with concealed handgun permits. Even though employees, who shouldn't be drinking on the job, and the designated drivers, who are enjoying their reduced price soda pops, are just as defenseless as the intoxicated patrons. So the only citizens who could legally carry their concealed handguns on the premises are police officers. Which is one of the many reasons that nightclubs like this love to hire police officers as part time bouncers/security. When the feces strikes the rotary impeller, they are a good guy with a gun who is already present on the premises.

Hmmm.... How many of these mass shootings happen in venues that by law or by property owner fiat are some form of gun free zone? Nearly every one. It's almost like the murderous lunatics seek out locations where they know the chances of encountering an intended victim who is armed with a much more equal level of weapon are much lower.

SO, more and more gun control laws don't seem to be reducing the level of violence. Chicago, LA, and NYC have the strictest gun control laws in the country, and their violence levels are a high as ever. So lets try outlawing the mandatory disarmed victim zones in a couple of states and see how that works out.

Also, it seems that one of the rumored deceased is a friend of a friend. Sadness.


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