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Today I had to punch another hole in my belt because my pants were falling down. My waistline has shrunk another inch! This it the good kind of negative.

Also last day of work today. Now I'm on vacation. tomorrow I'm driving up to Bangor Maine to work on the AmericanFolkFestival.com for the next ten days. Where I'll be putting in ten to twelve hour days. Festival, my job away from job!

Anyone near Bangor who wants to come down and see me, I'll be at the festival site from about 9am until dark every day next week. Look for the guy with a black vest of many pockets on the golf cart loaded down with electrical gear. I probably will only ask you about volunteering for the festival once. Maybe twice.

My sister is flying in from Seattle and will be taking care of mom while I'm gone. Unfortunately, she goes back before I get back down here, so I'll probably not see her for another year or so.
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Home safe from Maine. When I left Bangor about noontime on tuesday, I called my parents, and found that they were still without power. having lost power there sunday. So I bought a generator up in Bangor, figuring that generators down in mass would be unobtanium. got home about an hour before sunset. Spent an hour unpacking and assembling the generator, and trying to get it to run properly.
(It would start up fine, but when I turned the choke back to normal setting it would run down and stop. At half choke, it would run, but was surging and backfiring. So i gave that up to read the manuals. The best that the manuals suggested was that the gas was stale, as the gas we used was the jug we bought at the beginning of the summer to run the lawnmower. there was no phone number for tech support, just a web site. )
I was gonna try putting in some high test gas in the morning, but my sacrifice to Murphy worked, and the power was restored at home early the next morning.

I think I'm gonna see if I can convert this generator to operate on propane. Propane doesn't go stale, and i don't have to screw around with draining the gas and all that hassle after every time I use it.

I hope everyone else is recovering from Irene's visit.


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