Aug. 19th, 2016

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So, sixty years ago today, my mom and dad got married. Still are today. Not a common acomplishment nowadays.

Dad is in a nursing home now, with his alzheimers at the severe level. He still recognizes me and mom when we visit, but not much else recent. After work today, I took mom to the nursing home for our usual daily visit. Dad was better today. Yesterday he was convinced that the nursing home was a jail and we needed to get him out. I'm told that the jail thing is common with alzhiemers patients who are in a locked in living situation. *sighs*

My sister is flying in from seattle saturday to care for my parents while I'm up in Maine working on the folk festival. Taking dad to a restaurant for family lunch sunday.

the insurance company is living right down to the stereotype of being cheapskate bastards for covering our fire loss. Still negotiating values with them on the house and the contents. *ugh* I'm really beginning to hold a powerful hatred towards insurance companies.
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Today I had to punch another hole in my belt because my pants were falling down. My waistline has shrunk another inch! This it the good kind of negative.

Also last day of work today. Now I'm on vacation. tomorrow I'm driving up to Bangor Maine to work on the for the next ten days. Where I'll be putting in ten to twelve hour days. Festival, my job away from job!

Anyone near Bangor who wants to come down and see me, I'll be at the festival site from about 9am until dark every day next week. Look for the guy with a black vest of many pockets on the golf cart loaded down with electrical gear. I probably will only ask you about volunteering for the festival once. Maybe twice.

My sister is flying in from Seattle and will be taking care of mom while I'm gone. Unfortunately, she goes back before I get back down here, so I'll probably not see her for another year or so.


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