Jun. 27th, 2016

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It was confusing action. A check from the insurance company, the only explanation on it the one line Partial payment on settlement. Ummm.... We haven't agreed to a settlement yet. We only have gotten e-mail scans of the offer of settlement on the structural damage portion of the claim.

But, it's money, and the hotel is burning $1431 per week on additional living expenses.

Color me mystified at the byzantine opaqueness of the whole mess.
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All of the proposed gun control laws that are being bandied about by the various politicians that use the no fly list or any of the other secret lists created by the government to deny any citizen the constitutional right to keep and bear arms is a really bad idea.

Being put on double secret probation by the government is bad.

Not being told you are on the double secret probation list is worse.

When you try to get on an airplane for a trip and get told that you cannot get on that airplane and they won't say why, even though the airline sold you a ticket weeks or months ago, and they didn't bother to tell you until you are at the airport is worse.

You are pretty sure that your name is on the double secret probation list because they wouldn't let you fly. But when you try to find out how your name got on the list, they deny that your name is on the list, and they can't tell you why you might be on the list, because, well, secrets. Even worse.

You hire a lawyer to try suing the feds to force them to show up in court in front of a judge and show cause for blocking your right to free travel. Your lawyer can't even find anyone in the government to serve the papers on for the case. Because it's the double secret probation list and they are required by law to deny any knowledge of the list, or that even the list exists.

So you can't prove you are on the double secret probation list. Don't know why they might have put you on the list. Could possibly even explain why you were doing whatever it was that got you put on the list, but you can't because it is secret.

And once that the people on the double secret probation list have their second amendment rights stripped away by a secret bureaucratic action, it is not so far to start stripping away other constitutionally guaranteed rights. I mean, you are on the list, so obviously you must be a terrorist. So lets remove your fourth amendment rights. Why should they go to the trouble to get a warrent to tap your phone and internet, or to break into your home while you are away to search for incriminating stuff. Don't need those fifth and sixth amendment rights either, you are obviously guilty. But until they get around to putting you in jail, lets remove your third amendment rights and require you to put a homeland security agent in your spare bedroom to live there so as to make it easier for them to keep you under surveillance. Lets get rid of your sixth amendment rights to a fair and public trial by an impartial jury too. We already know you are guilty, no need to actually prove it to judge and jury. And while we have you detained for trial, dump the 8th amendment too, set your bail to one hundred billion dollars and schedule you for some torture sessions to wring all the possible confessions from you. From the lindburgh kidnapping to the killing of cock robin, we know you are guilty, just have to torture you into confessing.

Pardon my hyperbole, but I find the double secret probation list, aka the no fly list, the selectee list, and many other names to be a profound threat to the basic fabric of american life.


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