Apr. 9th, 2016

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So, on friday we finally got the check from the insurance company. $20k, minus the percentage for the adjuster. We still gotta go through all the recipts and turn them in for the various pots of money from the policy. Still waiting on the inventory of the contents of the house to be done, then we can clean the house out. So, bank errands today, and go visit dad in the hospital.

Moving to a new hotel today. This hotel is booked solid for the entire week leading up to the boston marathon, and we were unable to extend our room into that block. So moving to a different residence inn that is a little further away from the marathon and closer to my work. Bonus, the room is a little less expensive per night.

Visited dad last night, he is still confused, and is unable to stand up without assistance. Hopefully as the infection is being knocked down, he will bounce back from that. This is also making moms depression worse, and I don't have an answer to that.


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