Mar. 17th, 2016

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After work tonight I went to a talk given by Ursula Vernon at An Unlikely Story bookstore in Plainville, Mass. The store was nice, had a wonderful smelling coffee bar, and a function room upstairs for the talk. I got delayed by traffic and a nasty line of thunderstorms that chose that time to sweep across the area, so was about 15 minutes late. But the introducer was still introducing when I walked in. Spotted Ursula lurking in the back of the room and I went over to say hi and welcome her to rainy Massachusetts, then took my seat.

Ursula came up and gave a great talk, some of which was even about the newest Harriott book. She was way better with the kids than I ever would be, and was bubbly, funny and charming the whole evening. Even when she was talking about leeches and hippos pooing, which is quite an accomplishment.

Afterwards I bought the new (and last) Dragonbreath book, the new Harriott book, a replacement Harriott 1, and Castle Hangnail. Took them to the autograph line and got a nicely illegible scrawl in each from Ursula, chatted with some other friends who were there, thanked her for coming and how we are looking forward to seeing her at Arisia in January.

Drove home, which was a nice drive, as the rain was well over by then. Once I got home, was getting ready for bed and at five minutes to ten PM, the phone rang. Woke up my elderly parents and I rushed down the hall to the phone to see what the emergency was. It was the computer at some damned to hell telemarketer company with a computer generated voice telling us that our request to be removed from their call list would be processed immediately. It didn't identify which telemarketer it was, of course. Just one last bit of passive aggressive bullshit to annoy us.

The phone number is on the do not call list, so they never should have had our number in the first case. I am putting the telemarketers on the list of people who are gonna be stood up against the wall, once the revolution comes.


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