Feb. 25th, 2016

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Got a late start preparing for Boskone this year. I, as usual, ran the con suite. Bought and hard boiled the usual 75 dozen eggs for that. Unfortunately, the crew of folks that had been lined up to help me fell through a couple days out. So it was pretty much just Sev and I most of the weekend. Ras came and helped a few times over the con, and a bunch of others came and helped a bit around the weekend.

Lost two coffee pots this year. gotta buy replacements while I am still thinking of it. Not surprising, they are getting to be ten years old and wear and tear are taking their toll. They are made from the very highest grade of chinesium, and they can be found at Ocean State Job Lot. Unexpectedly, the 4 slot toaster I bought last year was noplace to be found, so needed to replace that during the con. I think I want to make some switchable outlets for the coffee pots, allowing me to not be constantly plugging and unplugging them.

It was exhausting this year. there at 8am until 1am each night, as I needed to be there an hour before the room opened for the dealers. Slowly unpacking my car from the con and putting stuff away for next year. Washing dishes and need to bring them back to nesfa. Need to do my receipts to see if I exceeded my budget or not.

Driving home from work tonight, found an 8 car crash only a couple minutes after it happened on 128. As it happened, an ambulance driving by was there first. Stopped and put on my reflective vest and gave them a hand until the police and fire department got there and took charge. Excitement of the day. Fortunately only looked like one serious injury, and he was not that bad looking.

Mom went into the eye doc following up from her second cateract surgery, no problems. getting new glasses next week. Dad got worse, from a UTI, so getting that treated now, should get better soon.

Catching up on my sleep now, and all my unread e-mails and forum posts. March starts in a couple days. Gotta get my car inspected before then. Hope to be more social in March.


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