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So, on Sunday evening, in the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, the last ever performance of The Greatest Show on Earth, The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus happened. I watched in on youtube, slightly delayed, since when the show actually started, I was loading a truck behind the Schubert Theater in Boston. I turned it on after I got back to the hotel and watched it.

The show was, as I expected, a tour de force of amazing acts of physical skills, acting, music, storytelling, and animal training. With more than honorable mention to the props, costume, lighting and sound crews. Truly it was the greatest show on earth.

There were no elephants. The extremist animal rights people had already driven them out of the show, and they were going after all the other trained animal acts in the circus, and all the other circuses. Totally ignoring, in their fanatic quest to remove all animals from human endeavors, that those animals are treated better in nearly every respect than the human performers. Live longer and better quality lives than they ever would in the wild.

It was carefully not mentioned that it was the fanatic animal rightists that drove the circus into bankruptcy. Their endless lawsuits that cost enormous quantities of money. Their assorted protests and acts of trespass, theft and vandalism forced the circus to expend even more money on security to protect the people, animals and equipment of the circus. They took a page from the antinukers, who couldn't win on the merits of their argument, but they did win by making the whole industry uneconomically viable through their endless harassment. The animal rights fanatics are doing the exact same thing to circuses and zoos, and are taking aim at the entire institution of livestock growing and family pet ownership.

I am sad that they murdered an american icon. This makes me even more reluctant to give them anything more, no matter how reasonable it sounds. They will not be content until there are no more animals under the control of the human race, and all the humans have turned vegetarian. They can burn in hell for all eternity for the damage they have already done, I will work hard to block anything more they want.


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