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While I was up in maine getting a second degree sunburn, my sister came here from seattle to take care of mom and help sort out stuff from the house.

Found all the legal papers we needed for his masshealth appication, so the lady should have that done shortly and submitted to the bureaucratic mill to the ground into oblivion. Found a slightly less expensive nursing home in Marlboro for dad, which is a feeder for the alzheimers center in wellesly we are trying to get him into, so once a space opens up, he can move over quickly, before the space gets taken.

Work is getting crazier, as we are now about 50 days from having to be completely moved out and over to the new building. The first truckload of our stuff went over today. Remodeling of the new space proceeds apace, and I hope that the occupancy permit happens shortly. The new building is located next to the main Amtrack line in Canton, Mass, so there will be plenty of opportunity to glimpse the trains zooming past. Also, we now have to have a disaster plan for a derailment impinging on the property.
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